Content Creation

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This is one of the more straightforward, yet important, steps you can take to boost your rankings in the search engines. A site that launches and then just sits there is very boring for your visitors, and the search engine spiders wont come back often either.

Many people have blinders on when it comes to developing the content on their site. They figure they've got their core info, and that's good enough. In reality, any topics that are some way related to your business are fair game. So for example if you have a site for a music shop, besides just information about the business, you can put up music lessons, histories of the instruments, write your on song contests, the list goes on and on. The trick is to think outside the box a little and let your imagination run. As you add more and more content to your site, it will slowly grow to become an authority in your niche.

Also, as you continue to develop the content on your site, you'll increase the chances of ranking for long tail searches. As an example, if you are selling real estate, and have an article about local schools that ranks well for related searches, you will get traffic from a search that previously you would not have ranked for.

As your site expands and begins to become an authority in your field, its time to start looking at getting some links.