On Page Optimization

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So you've done some keyword research, now what? You'll want to take the keywords you've decided to target and incorporate them into your site. Here are the areas to focus on:

Title Tag

First, look at the title tag. The keyword you are targeting for a given page should appear in your title tag, and you should keep it short, about 8 to 10 words. You also want to think about how you can make it stand out from the other listings on the SERPS.

Meta Description

While it has little impact on SEO, its still a good idea to use the keywords here and make it read like good ad copy. This should be the hook that draws people to your site when they are reading through descriptions on a results page.


You want to make sure you have the keywords or some variation on them as the main header (h1, h2, h3) of the page. You can make secondary keywords the sub headings. This isn't just good for SEO, it's also good from a usability standpoint, as it clearly defines what the page is about to your visitors.

Keywords in Text

From time to time you'll hear people talk about "SEO copywriting", and generally what they are referring to is getting a certain ratio of keywords in the text. Most experts agree this has a pretty minimal effect on rankings. You should make sure the keywords you are targeting appear in the text at least once, but don't over do it.

Once you've got these down, it's time to think about adding more content to your site.